View Countdown To Contagion’ Mini-trailer – Contest Results Come Out Tomorrow!

Recently I entered a short video in a contest for The challenge for the portion of the contest I entered was to use the company’s stock film footage and stock music from to create a one-minute movie trailer. It could be a trailer for an existing movie, a movie in progress, or a totally made-up movie concept. I chose the later and went with a fast-action spy thriller theme centered around a man-made virus that got into the hands of terrorists and was about to be released in New York City. I call it “Countdown to Contagion”.

I’m pretty geeked with what I came up with, and I’d love to share it with you. Unfortunately, licensing restrictions prevent me from sharing it publicly. However, I did put together a highly shortened version of it that includes just my custom clips and a different selection of music. It’s not nearly as good and is only 10 seconds long, but it gives you a taste. It can be viewed above or on our YouTube channel here: .

FilmSupply is supposed to announce the results of the contest tomorrow. Hopefully after the announcement, they’ll post the entries online and we’ll be able to link to the full trailer and show it to everyone. For now, enjoy our mini-trailer!

I can show the full trailer privately to select individuals, so if you’re interested in seeing it as part of my editing portfolio, please let me know and send me an email address connected to a Google account. Thanks.

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