In The Dark’s Buddy the Monster Makes Road Trip

buddy-at-trunk-or-treatWednesday, our good friend Buddy the Monster, the leg-eating, dog-munching fiend from our film In The Dark,
made a road trip to the Trunk or Treat event at Shawnee Alliance Church where he caused quite a stir.

More than one young trick-or-treater gave Buddy a wide berth as they came around for their share of candy. And one middle-school-aged young man startled good when Buddy’s arm moved unexpectedly (with a little help from yours truly). Hope he cleaned those britches when he got home.

The photo to the right comes from the Shawnee Alliance Church Facebook page. You can also see it on my John Fike, Filmmaker Facebook page where I shared it. Just behind the lady with the smart phone, you can see me with my cyborg arm costume. The cyborg arm, with its glowing tubes inserted into my hand, skin-mounted digitals, built-=in cell phone and various tubes and wires, ¬†received almost as much attention as Buddy. The robotic parts on the upper arm were made from parts of a Nerf EBF machine gun and the lower arm fabricated from a custom-shaped EVA foam matt. EL wire ran through plastic tubing running from the forearm to my hand and under the “circuitry”.


Buddy the Monster as he appears in In The Dark.

Hopefully, we’ll get some more pictures of Buddy, the cyborg arm and the event as they become available. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, because they’ll probably appear there first.

By the way, Buddy was hand-crafted in our very own creature shop (by that I mean, my basement). We have plans to do a “Making of Buddy” video and blog post in the future so everyone can see the work that went into creating this very cool creature. This was an awesome project and I had a lot of fun building Buddy — a lot of frustrations too along the way. The end result was very exciting and it is very difficult to express the joy of seeing such a creation come alive on film and watching people ogle in amazement at him. It’s very cool!

The Noble Warrior Studios creature and prop shop can be commissioned to build puppets, sculptures, animatronics and props for movies, plays, parade floats and other occasions or events. Use the contact info at the bottom of the page to get in touch with me and we’ll talk about your project.

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