In The Dark monster eyes

In The Dark

A Short Film by John E. Fike

After turning down all offers for a ride an overly confident youth comes face-to-face with the horrors of the dark.

  • Filmed in Lima, Ohio
  • Written, directed, produced and edited
    by John E. Fike
  • Starring Jacob Daniel Fike, Tim Lewis,
    Rachel Brogee and Jennifer Brogee
  • Featuring the song Ghost by
    Detroit-area band Lightspeed

In The Dark (Click here to view on YouTube)

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Although this film took much longer than anticipated to complete, it was incredibly fun to film and everyone had a blast — except maybe some of my younger kids who were pulled in for late-night gaffer duties whenever I needed an extra hand and had to deal with my short temper on occasion. In any case, thank you so much to everyone involved. Everybody, especially the actors did a great job.

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