Stalemate, the Film

Stalemate is our next serious short film. It is an intense, non-stop action film involving two special forces operatives in a one-on-one conflict set deep in the woods. Expect to see extreme hand-to-hand combat, shoot-outs, chase scenes, death-defying stunts, explosions and more. 

The film is written, produced and directed by John E. Fike. John will also be doing principal photography on the film, while son Peter Fike will assist with photography and sound.

The Actors

The film stars 2016 Bluffton University graduate Alex Parker and 2016 Lima High School graduate Jacob Daniel Fike.stalemate header-crop

Alex is well known in the Bluffton theater community for his top-notch stage performances. He will be bringing his amazing performance to film for the first time in Stalemate. We expect he will be well-fitted for this role given his successful stage career and athletic development as a recent member of Bluffton University’s track team.

Jacob starred in the leading role of our own In The Dark film, taking on the role of an angst-filled teen — a role very much the opposite of his actual jovial and fun-loving nature. He pulled off the role magnificently. Like Alex, Jacob is also an athlete, having wrestled on the varsity team for Lima Senior High School for all four years and for many years prior to high school. Jacob is also a practitioner of Systema Russian Martial Art, the martial art that will be featured in Stalemate.

The Martial Art — Systema

Stalemate will feature a Russian style martial art commonly known as “Systema”. Systema is the martial art used by Russian special forces and was brought to America after the end of the Cold War by former Spez Naz operatives. The particular branch of Systema featured in Stalemate was passed down to John and Jacob Fike through teachers taught by masters Vladimir Vasiliev and Michael Ryabko. It’s movements are relaxed and subtle but quick and effective. From a cinematic perspective, one should think of a fighting style more akin to the Jason Bourne series than anything you would see in an Avengers movie or James Bond flick. In fact, Systema was the martial art featured in the movie The Double, starring Richard Gere. The fight scenes for that movie were arranged by Martin Wheeler, a student of Vasiliev and Ryabko. Fight scenes and stunts in Stalemate are being arranged and supervised by John E. Fike.

Become a Part of the Action!

Right now NWS is in post-production on Stalemate, and we expect to have the film ready in time for a holiday release. We’re planning debuts on several local screens in the Lima region and then worldwide via the Internet. We are interested in partnering with several businesses to help cover the costs of distribution and release of the film. Participating sponsors can get their name and logo on the film, promotional materials, the STALEMATE page of the NWS website and other perks. There will also be online opportunities to offer special promotions. Viewership and exposure is expected to be well into the thousands and is a good opportunity for local and internet sponsors. To find out more, send and email to