Horror At Eyrgidean Pass

A short(ish) story by John E. Fike

Horror At Eyrgidean Pass book coverA lonely outpost. Guarding the last open pass to the northlands before winter’s fall. A handful of soldiers await a caravan of goods from the southern tribes — stores for the winter. But it is late. Very late. It’s long awaited arrival brings not the needed stores. Instead it brings death — and horror — a horror not known across the land since the long-forgotten Dark Wars. An ancient evil now known only in myth and legend is rising once again. One brave warrior and his band of stalwart men set out with spear and ax, determined to end the horror. But how does one kill an evil that will not die?

Horror At Eyrgidean Pass is available on Amazon Kindle for just $2.99 and includes a bonus short story — “INFECTED: A Tale Of The Unendurable“. Infected is the chilling tale of a man haunted by nervous misgivings and twisted shadows in the night as he returns home after the death of a friend.

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